2018 is going to be a great year for parties! Let’s start this year off right with the top 5 design trends to inspire you. No matter what type of event you’re planning any of these ideas will be the perfect addition to your décor. Our staff at The Carolina Room can’t wait to help you plan your perfect event. Fill out an inquiry for to get your party planning process started!


1. Tables, tables, tables…

Gone are the days of the plain table and cloth. There’s a trend towards rustic tables without cloths.  They are using tables that are statement pieces all on their own. These types of tables open up a new avenue for creativity with centerpieces. Check out these table we LOVE!!


2. Gold, Rose Gold, and GEOMETRIC!! Oh my!!

Geometry is not just for the classroom! We love the rigid angles mixed with the soft curves of the flowers and the glimmer of gold. Nothing says “on POINT” more than these creative design elements. Experiment with colors and textures to achieve the perfect look for your event. These ideas can be used for any occasion!


3. Cake Art…Michelangelo would drool!

Cake is not just for dessert anymore! Make a statement with a towering sugary work of art.


4. Greenery, woodlands, and blush. SWOON!

Bring the outdoors in to your event. The perfect way to create a magical experience is with greenery. It fills space and adds an incredible alive feeling to your party. Mix it with blush and add in some natural elements to achieve the perfect mix of nature and party!



5. White with color pops! Super fun and modern!

There are endless possibilities with this design trend. You can really let your creativity shine while keeping things clean and modern! There are really no rules here!



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